My 6 feet 3 inches tall body got me more offers to become an Amazon pornstar than anything else

I have been getting offers to work for porn all the time lately but I have been refusing it each time. Sometimes I get confused whether to accept one such offer or not. I was recently in the New York City where I met the American President Donald Trump who told me that he is willing to leave his wife Melania if I agree to live with him and let me tell you that it is not a joke.

My 6 feet 3 inch tall body is what got the attention of one of the biggest Amazon Porntube networks too.

I regular keep fucking prostitute freaks, let me remind to you that I am not a prostitute. These prostitute freaks keep on telling me that the Polish and English prostitutes are the hardest to find on the face of the earth, especially in the eastern countries, they are non-existent. I wonder all the time that how much money I can make if I start a brothel in any of the Asian countries where I will keep nothing but the Asian prostitutes.

If you are a man, then let me give you a tip that women love to hear dirty words while getting fucked and hence, you must make sure to keep talking dirty with your woman if you are inside her. Women, you are not alone who loves to hear dirty words while fucking, we all love it.

I believe that the world can become totally free of sexual abuse if the whole world starts believing in free love. I also believe that I can become one of the best professors of sexology ever.

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