This Democratic Party Candidate has been checking escort directories all the time since his wife has been away from him

I know a Democratic Party Male election candidate for the upcoming elections from Illinois who drinks his wife’s piss because he believes that it keeps him healthy and he also hopes that the same is going to keep him live longer. His wife has also got addicted to making him drink her piss. She was away the entire past month and this guy contacted me asking whether I will be interested in making him drink my piss, I asked him about why does he think that I am interested in such an activity, he told me that he saw me on an Escort Directory, that’s why. I told him that I wasn’t interested in such an activity, if he wanted some vanilla, he could let me know but he was only drinking in my piss and I wasn’t willing to give him any.

I have partnered with an elder friend of mine who recently became a grandmother as an escort. We have been working as a duo. It is my personal experience of decades that once you hire a duo escort, you never hire a single one, you may hire more than two at once though. It is a myth that once you go black, you can never go back, the reality is that once you fuck 2 men or 2 women at once, you can never go back. Me and my friend are hotter than the combo of Rita Daniels and Sally D’Angelo. We both have drained more semen than the amount of water in an average river throughout our lifetime.

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