Dubai’s wealthy sheikh is married to 4 young and beautiful wives, has fun with escorts regularly and cannot get enough of watching XXX videos

When I worked as an escort in Dubai, I met a local wealthy Sheikh who was married to 4 wives but still watched a XXX video before falling asleep to jack off to. He regularly enjoyed the company of female escorts (and maybe that of the males as well) and mentioned to everyone that porn was like an additional playground for him. All his 4 wives were aware of his addiction to the porn and escorts, but they all seemed to have no problems with it.

I really get envious of seeing so many elegant, pretty and slender women in the porn videos of this decade. Those who believe that the late 1970s was the Golden Age of Porn are obviously delusional, the porn was never as good as it is today and it was never as popular as it is today either.

I have met several male and female pornstars personally and without any exceptions, they were all agnostic. Last week, I met a female pornstar who writes songs as a hobby. She told me that she has ghostwritten for some of the most eminent pop, hip-hop and country stars. I have a friend of mine who is a small-time singer, I have provided her business contact details to him as well so that he can use songs written by her and become eminent and popular himself. My friend is a good singer but his songs’ lyrics suck and I really believe that this pornstar with impeccable writing skills can really roll the dice for him.