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I personally believe that having sex with thousands or even hundreds of different men or women, especially if you started indulging in sex before the age of 20 gets you addicted to sex to an extent that you start feeling suicidal if you don’t get a pussy or dick for more than a couple of days and that’s the reason why all the pious and respected religious figures were all for monogamy and against adultery.

I still remember how hesitant how I was when I asked my first boyfriend for first sex. What may come as a surprise to many is that it was his first time as well.

I really believe that webcam is the most revolutionary invention after the contraceptive pills related to sex in the recent times. I really think and believe that I wouldn’t be as hesitant to ask my first boyfriend for mine and his first sex if I had a website like Chaturbate at my disposal. I have come across some of the friendliest men and women on Chaturbate and other cam websites where the models are more than happy to give relationship and sex advice to men. One such cam male model introduced me to 3d Futa porn, which is perhaps the most addictive and sexy porn that I have ever come across.

What may come to you even as a bigger surprise is that I had my first sex in a car and second by a beach.

I really think that the people who find or need a reason to have sex are complete idiots. I even know some people that need a reason to masturbate. Most of my male friends that non-hesitantly talked to me regarding their masturbation habits back in the college days used to tell me that they always took a wank believing that they will only edge but not ejaculate but failed 99.99% of the times. The rest used to wank to clean their pipes regularly. These guys used to believe that cleaning pipes from time-to-time is necessary in order to stay happy, healthy and testicular/prostate cancer-free.

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After having a sexy chat with an ugly man with a small dick whom I hated, I wanted to freshen up my mood and that’s when I recalled about this Tamil man with a 9.5 inch long dick who lives on the Island of Mauritius and I was fortunate enough to fuck her while I was there. He was one of the finest fucks I have ever had. His big dick, strong physique, glowing skin and sexual stamina were something out of this world.

I tried to find him everywhere but I discovered that he isn’t active anymore on any of the cam websites and that’s when I discovered this fuck-bird couple that goes by the name SexWeedandWhiskey on a live amateur couple sex site. These guys are amazing, so sensual and so great. I never tried weed myself and I drank whiskey only a few times in my life but I bet that the biggest whiskey or weed addict on this planet will forget all about his/her addiction after getting a glimpse of the SexWeedandWhiskey dude.

This SexWeedandWhiskey lady reminded me of the man I met in Oslo who loved French women for their accents and black women for their freakishness. He told me that his first fuckmas (he had his first sexual encounter on the day of Christmas) was so boring that he couldn’t help staying silent throughout. He also told me that once a cab driver tried to rape him in her most likely a stolen cab. The cops could never find that idiot although he told them everything that he knew about her and her cab.

I am going to visit Pakistan for business next week and I am not yet sure whether opening adult sites is allowed there or not. I am not going to fuck a cheap Pakistani skank gigolo and that’s the reason why I was worried about my entertainment there so much but now when I have found SexWeedandWhiskey, I cannot help but think about my time there when I will be relaxing in my hotel room after eating the popular Pakistani biryani and fingering my pussy to this SexWeedandWhiskey couple. I am going to drink a couple of whiskey shots before touching myself watching this couple as I recently learnt that buying and selling alcohol is now allowed in Pakistan.

Big Booty lover men spend as much as 3 times the amount of time watching porn during the leap year when compared to a non-leap year

As my regular readers all know that along with working as an escort in the past, I also worked as a small-time pornstar. I got to meet tons of pornstars (both male and female) while working as one, and I found one thing common in them all and that is that they are generally very generous and patient people. They are least likely to get offended by anything you say or do.

While doing lesbian porno, I used to love to be breastfed more than anything else.

I believe that all the pornstars, whether popular or newbies, are some of the most underpaid people in the United States of America when you see how much of the hard work they have to put in, especially the male pornstars. Along with putting the hard work, the male pornstars also need to put in the hard dick.

I have a male pornstar friend whom I know since the time I used to work for the porn industry myself, he wanted his freakish wife also to become a part of the industry but they wouldn’t employ her because she is too ugly. The husband wanted her to be a part of any adult business anyhow and now she runs and owns a porn radio station of her own.

This male pornstar friend of mine claims that he is more horny during the leap years, he asked his friends to keep a check on themselves whether they do feel the same, they really kept a check on how horny they were in the leap year compared to a non-leap one and they discovered that they spent as much as triple the amount of time per day on Big Booty Mania during the leap year compared to what they did in a non-leap year. They also observed that they were extremely horny during the full-moon nights, both during the leap and non-leap years.