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I have had sex with men from around the world both as an escort and as a regular horny woman. And I tell you that the Italian men have the best dicks that feel the best. I once told this to my ex-boyfriend, he started eating nothing but Italian food after that, but no difference happened in the way his dick felt in the next 6 months.

I never mentioned this on my blog before. Me starting to work as an escort was an accident, both my parents died while trekking when I was aged 19 and still in college and I had no other way to provide myself and study at the same time. I started working as an escort due to an accident, but only after a week, I started loving it, to an extent that many times I would feel that it was great that my parents died, otherwise I would have never got to enjoy so many dicks, but I would feel guilty about feeling that way immediately.

One client of mine recently created a deepfake porn video of mine which has been going viral and is receiving a lot of compliments. I am confused whether I should get it removed or keep getting popular.

I still don’t know who the guy is that published my video, but I highly doubt that it is the mini sex doll fucker, who does nothing but lubricates his dick with essential oils all day all night long, mostly.

My grandmother is 94 now and perfectly healthy for her age. She worked as a stripper in her early 20s and it is crazy how she never hesitates to tell her sexual adventures with different men to her granddaughters, especially me.

Turkish Superstar fucks like a pornostar since he got that hair transplant done

Aytekin Polat (name changed) is a very popular Turkish movie star. Aytekin Polat’s popularity and fame’s reason is his great looks. Aytekin’s hair used to be some of the best on earth, but things started to change when Aytekin turned 27, he started experience hair fall and by the time Aytekin was 35, he had lost 25% of the hair on his head.

Aytekin’s popularity was now declining instead of rising. Aytekin’s acting skills were much better now than they were ever before, but still Aytekin’s popularity was declining. Aytekin fell into depression. His wife tried to console him, but it didn’t work. Aytekin didn’t do any work for 1 year. His depression medications made him fat and ugly.

Aytekin’s wife then told him about Dr Oguzoglu and how he can revive the career of Aytekin. Aytekin listened to his wife’s advice and went for a hair transplant. Aytekin’s head is now full of hair. Aytekin is more popular than ever before and with his improved acting skills, he is more confident as well.

Due to his revived confidence, Aytekin is back to fucking like crazy again, it looks really something out of a PornBring movie, his mistress claims.

Aytekin’s childhood was one that you cannot consider to be ideal. Aytekin was very good at studies but he couldn’t continue his studies due to his family’s bad financial conditions. Aytekin started helping his father at his small Turkish ice cream parlour. Once a popular Turkish movie producer came to eat an ice cream to their ice cream parlour and saw Aytekin there. He saw a very good-looking guy with a head full of hair working with so much dedication and commitment with his father. The producer saw a movie star in him. The producer was making a movie on a guy that turns from rags to riches and he recruited Aytekin as the teenager version of the main protagonist. That was the first role that Aytekin did as an actor and the rest is history.

Perhaps your bisexual wife who you think is straight, is also a member of that lesbian chat room

I recently came across a notion that the ancient Indians used to believe that dicks and vaginas were divine while the rest of the human body wasn’t, and that’s the reason why the Hindus believe that the god is within us and throughout their history and to this day, they worship phallus.

I don’t know whether I have mentioned this on my blog before, that I am a bisexual. My tongue cannot resist a swollen pussy, and I personally cannot thank the institution of lesbian marriage enough which makes the sexual activity between two women such a pious thing.

I have been spending hours almost everyday on free online lesbian chat rooms lately and I am amazed that there are so many lesbian cam models to choose from on these websites, Black, White, Hispanic, Arab, Indian, Asian, you name it.

I personally believe that Freud was 100% right when he said that sexual suppression is the world’s biggest problem. I wish very much that he were alive to see that almost half of the world has become so sexually free. Everything sex-related is so easily available in most of the first-world countries nowadays and the same is the condition in some second and third world countries ruled by wise men and women.

My grandfather died long ago but my 90 year old grandma is still alive. I advised her to become a cam model recently so that she can get rid of her unbearable loneliness, but she said to me that she doesn’t know how to run the internet. Poor old lady. No decent man is willing to date her and the ones who are willing, she won’t date those in her worst nightmare.