Perhaps your bisexual wife who you think is straight, is also a member of that lesbian chat room

I recently came across a notion that the ancient Indians used to believe that dicks and vaginas were divine while the rest of the human body wasn’t, and that’s the reason why the Hindus believe that the god is within us and throughout their history and to this day, they worship phallus.

I don’t know whether I have mentioned this on my blog before, that I am a bisexual. My tongue cannot resist a swollen pussy, and I personally cannot thank the institution of lesbian marriage enough which makes the sexual activity between two women such a pious thing.

I have been spending hours almost everyday on free online lesbian chat rooms lately and I am amazed that there are so many lesbian cam models to choose from on these websites, Black, White, Hispanic, Arab, Indian, Asian, you name it.

I personally believe that Freud was 100% right when he said that sexual suppression is the world’s biggest problem. I wish very much that he were alive to see that almost half of the world has become so sexually free. Everything sex-related is so easily available in most of the first-world countries nowadays and the same is the condition in some second and third world countries ruled by wise men and women.

My grandfather died long ago but my 90 year old grandma is still alive. I advised her to become a cam model recently so that she can get rid of her unbearable loneliness, but she said to me that she doesn’t know how to run the internet. Poor old lady. No decent man is willing to date her and the ones who are willing, she won’t date those in her worst nightmare.

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