Let there be Male Strippers

I believe that I have a wonderful plan to sell contraceptives in the Vatican. I also believe that this plan of mine can prove to be poison for the already dying Catholic religion.

I hate the so-called enlightenment era because of so much sexual oppression and anti-sex attitude of the elite during this time. Shit, ladies couldn’t even hire male strippers during these times in that part of the world where these so-called enlightened beings existed and operated.

Recently, a good friend of mine told me that one of the most famous American female pornstars – Mandy Flores has been paid 10 million US Dollars by the Vatican to talk against and leave the porn industry. This friend of mine also told me that Mandy Flores is a sex-addict bisexual woman who fucks around all the time, with both men and women.

This friend of mine also claims that Mandy is infertile and the women who have had tasted her pussy, tell that her pussy is much sweeter than any other pussy that they ever tasted. Perhaps, it has something to do with her infertility. Only Jehovah knows the reality, because he is the one responsible for creating all the pussies in the world.

I have a wealthy middle-aged male friend who claims that staying aroused all the time reduces your chances of getting cancer multi-fold He claims because of that very reason he regularly hires strippers whenever he can. He believes the reason why it is mostly the old people that get cancer is because they are mostly unable to stay aroused for longer periods, if at all.

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