LiveJasmin Reviews prove that sex toys cannot replace the real thing

I have always said and I stick to my statement till date that just like the fabric of Rayon, the passion for a sex toy deteriorates with time. If you don’t believe me, just read some of the evaluation of livejasmin models. The female livejasmin models who ride dildos, vibrators and other sex toys on the screen all day and night, always receive complains for not being as passionate as their counterparts who fuck real life men. That’s one of the reasons why I failed as a livejasmin model myself.

Anyways, I just wrote a sex parody to one of my most favorite songs of all time – ‘Show Me the Way Home’ by Amy Holland, and here it is:-

“Open up your pant’s zip

Oh! Your dick inside smells so nice

You wouldn’t get the way you had it yesterday

I will let you pound me twice

Show me you can last how long

Somewhere down my pussy

A familiar cock is playing

Something I’ve felt many times before

So long ago, you had it torn.”

‘Show Me You Can Last How Long’ by Hore MILF

Recently, I met a college female friend of mine accidentally on one of the Discord servers. This friend of mine told me that the sex doesn’t feel good to her at all since she gave birth to triplets about a year ago. I gave her the advise to try being a PornHub model or a Cam Model and changing the man and see if it helps. She found it too offensive and stopped chatting me abruptly after hearing that.

It is funny how even the most educated people of the American society are still so narrow-minded. These people are still living in the times of the Jesus Christ, but you aren’t, so keep chatting all you can with the sexy cam models and don’t forget to bookmark my blog.

Pregnant Porn will be bigger than ever after the upcoming sexual revolution takes place

I believe that the upcoming sexual revolution is not only going to change the way the people do sex, the people they have it with, their perceptions regarding the same, the institutions built around it, but also with it, the pregnant porn is going to become the most popular porn niche for the very first time.

Anyways, yesterday, I wrote this sex parody songs, which I would love to share with you all. Here is ‘I Can’t Wait’ that I wrote as a parody to the song with the same name by the popular 1980s band – Nu Shooz, so here you go:-

“Baby, I can’t wait

My love, tell me where you gonna do me the next round

You’ve got a huge one

That I can’t live without and want it all around

Such big dicks are so hard to find

Hey baby, tell me whether you want me from behind

‘Cause I can’t wait (Baby, I can’t wait)

Until you have a live cam chat with me

I can’t wait (Baby, I can’t wait)

Until you are all inside of me

You know I squirt

Even when I think about

I know, that our sex drive is gonna be the same

Even when we are about to die

Please tell me, you’ll never have to take viagra.

‘Cause I can’t wait (Baby, I can’t wait) Your dick is what I have been waiting for

I can’t wait (Baby, I can’t wait) till you fuck me through my rear door

I can’t wait (Baby, I can’t wait) A dick like yours is hard to find

I found yours, you found mine

I can’t wait (Baby, I can’t wait) Tell me that I am a real 9.”

These Tattooed Punk Girls inspired me to write more sex parody songs

I recently met these tattoo punk girls recently and inspired from them, I have been writing sex parody songs for your entertainment, two of which I would love to share with you here:-

  1. Here is ‘Fuck Me Everyday’, that I wrote as a parody to ‘Take My Breath Away’ by the popular 1980s band – Berlin:-

“Buying every lotion

To keep my pussy smelling fresh

It is enough to fill an ocean

Finally we can play a love game

As we have no shame

Moving up and down

Inside my fragrant hole

I will be catching your butt

As you speed up and I will say

Fuck me everyday

Fuck me everyday

During masturbation I keep shaking

Still anticipating high spot

Never faking

To become your most beloved one

I am sending you a masturbation video of mine

As you feel horny and seem to be in a mood to take a wank.

Fuck me everyday

I don’t have a hourglass figure like those Spanish Pornstars

But I can give you a better Nuru Massage than any of those any day

I will call you anyway

If you wanna fuck me dry

Just call me today

And fuck me everyday.”

Fuck me Everyday by Hore MILF

2. Here is ‘What about sex?’, that I wrote as a parody to ‘What About Love?’ by the Canadian Rock Group – Toronto:-

“I have been moaning

I am forced to finger myself

I lost my dildo and that’s all I can do

The liquid I am squirting

Ain’t making more than a couple of drops.

You have been hiding, never getting too close

Always trying to keep your dick in control

You never want me down in the missionary position and you’ve always been like that

I want you to be on my top

And sometimes I think you don’t even get hard.

What about sex

Don’t you want someone to lay beneath you

What about sex

Don’t you ever take a wank again

What about sex

I want to share it with you

You might fuck me someday.

I can’t tell you what I need inside

I can’t sell you a sex doll because I know you won’t buy one

I love kissing and so do you

So just don’t hide it

You know my pussy is still tight.

What About Sex by Hore MILF

Let me know in the comment section how you like both the songs or either of these so that I can keep entertaining you more.

Swingers aren’t responsible for the downfall of the Escort Industry but the Escort Agents themselves are

When I worked as an escort, I would regularly meet clients who loved to see their escort strip out of a trench coat for them and other times I would meet guys who would want me to come wearing my skin-tight yoga pants. I always preferred visiting my clients in my regular strapless dresses, but you know, many men are weird like that and have their own fetishes. I have always found the yoga pants to be overrated anyways.

I have worked as an independent escort and I have worked for escort agencies as well. It is really a pity that most modern high class escort service agencies have drifted away from the fundamentals of the business and that’s one of the reasons why more and more men and women have switched to Swinger Sex lately. Just see how popular the videos on are to believe it. After all this, I still see great rays of hope in the future of the escorting business.

Most modern escort agencies, no matter belonging to which part of the world, lack creativity, innovation and risk-taking ability. They haven’t been taking the advantage of the modern technology as they should have, mainly the internet related, roughly half of the escort agencies are too scared to try new things and the rest half are too lazy. They aren’t promoting their services using the Youtube, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, Twitter, Facebook, etc, which could have taken them way too far.

Another pity is that although the quality of high class escorts has been going down, that of the street hookers has been going up.

Stay updated with free Brazzers porn videos to have an idea if your wife is cheating on you

When I used to work as an escort, I would find it too hard to keep a track of my regular clients. Unfortunately, there weren’t many apps like there are now back then, which could help me in managing the list of my regular clients and help make the world an even better place by taking their dicks in my holes even better.

Anyways, I came across several clients in my last days of my escorting who had no idea that their wife was cheating on them until they saw her video on an amateur tube website and sometimes even on a Brazzers free video. Many times, they would end up divorcing their so-called beloved wives, some times they would do nothing about it, a few times they would encourage their wives to keep doing it in order to make more money as a household and because they also enjoyed seeing their wives fucking their wives other guys and were also happy because their wives were also happy, content and satisfied, other times, they would repent in front of the god that they are been given the punishment for their sins.

One of my clients used to fuck every day of the week for the first three weeks. the fourth week he fucked on alternative days and stayed celibate the last week of the month. He was strange and weird in almost every way that you can imagine, but very handsome, strong and tall. He could last in the bed for as long as he wanted to.

Ancient Indian Women from the Sindh Region would swallow cum better than your most favorite Pornstar

When I used to work as a full-time escort, I met this guy as a client who after a couple of meetings with me, became a great friend of mine as well, but I never let him fuck me for free, I offer him huge discounts time-to-time though.

He once wanted to have me they do in the Best Gloryhole Porn way, and I did it for him for no extra charge at all. For others, it costs 4 times of what I charge normally.

This friend and client of mine is a conspiracy theorist, who claims that the Islamic Jihadis are very high-spirit people, who are not going to give up in front of the NATO or any other force. He claims that they will have to kill them all in order to get rid of them, which he believes they are not ready for.

He also claims that Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, the man who designed the idea of a separate nation for the Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent was a British Agent, who designed this idea on the orders of the British Royal Family, their stooges and allies, because it was to be a part of England’s divide and rule policy, and they finally succeeded at it. He adds that the biggest proof that it was a British policy is that the plan to create the nation of East and West Pakistan was designed by Chaudhry Rehmat Ali while he was in England itself.

He sounds like a historian when he claims that the Indians from the Sindh region, which is now a part of Pakistan, were the first people to use Elephants as their war-vehicles. He adds that they didn’t only use Elephants as their war-vehicles, but as sex-vehicles as well. He claims that the ancient Indian women mostly used to swallow the cum of their men, because the ancient Indians believe semen to be anti-aging and that’s the reason why ancient Indian women have always been popular for their beauties and would hit menopause later in life compared to other women as well; He adds that these Indian women would swallow cum better than you would see in Best Cum Swallowing Porn.

Freak couple saw me on the Chaturbate and decided to give me a surprise

I have a friend since the college days, whose husband enjoys kissing her big, beautiful and shapely ass, more than he enjoys kissing her luscious 100% natural big facial lips. She also prefers giving him a rimjob over kissing him on the lips, just because he is too ugly. She is a stunner though, but to each their own.

The husband regularly travels to India as a sex tourist. He has been happy so far with the Bengali, Goan, Keralite, Malayali, Delhite and Tamilian chicks there, but his experience with the girls belonging to the Jatt, Gurjar and Rajasthani women has been extremely poor so far.

I never told this couple that I used to be an escort in Goa, India, but they know very well that I have always been involved in some adult industry, one way or another. They once had a surprise chat with me on the Chaturbate and I was both happy and nervous to have met them there.

I personally believe that the chicks all over the world were hottest in the 1990s, I really doubt whether the chicks would be as hot ever again. I love those chicks on Chaturbate though, I believe that most of them are prettier than me, both younger and older than myself.

I cannot understand how come guys and girls pay for those stupid fiction books. They always sell in more numbers than any other category of the books. I don’t like the fiction books, whatsoever, even when they have something or everything to do with the sex and sexuality.

King David and his son Solomon would jerk-off to the AsianSexDiary videos all the time if they were born in this era

I wrote a couple of parody songs that I would love to share with you all. First of all, I would like to share with you the song that I wrote as a parody for ‘Turn out the Night’ by Amy Holland:-

“Is this another state of ecstasy

The Blacks and Hispanics gangbanging me

I got one cock in my mouth and one in my hand

One won’t get up, get up.

It’s the art of Solomon, dear

Two are right inside my sweaty pussy

One is trying to get inside my ass

And getting me raped. I am not getting raped.

I am gonna

Move up and down, left and right

My pussy is no more drumtight

So fuck my pussy right

Till I squirt all over your dick

All over your big dicks.

And don’t come on with a curved dick

Just put long, strong and stiff cocks inside of me

You are wasting the time of a slut like mine

Get lost with your tiny dick.

You sniff my Jasmine flavored pussy

As panties fall in intensity

You just won, get right in

But remember that I am not taking it in the ass

Coz it hurts, it hurts.”

Fuck my pussy right, Hore MILF

I have a Japanese bisexual girlfriend named Akimi from Kanazawa, whom I met at a common friend’s party in the city of Kanazawa itself. She is also a sex blogger and enthusiast. She is the one who got me addicted to rubbing my pussy watching those AsianSexDiary movies.

Akimi loves to study religions as well and she claims on her blog that the King Solomon and King David, the father and son Jewish/Biblical patriarchs are the symbols of how great sexuality can make you.