Freak couple saw me on the Chaturbate and decided to give me a surprise

I have a friend since the college days, whose husband enjoys kissing her big, beautiful and shapely ass, more than he enjoys kissing her luscious 100% natural big facial lips. She also prefers giving him a rimjob over kissing him on the lips, just because he is too ugly. She is a stunner though, but to each their own.

The husband regularly travels to India as a sex tourist. He has been happy so far with the Bengali, Goan, Keralite, Malayali, Delhite and Tamilian chicks there, but his experience with the girls belonging to the Jatt, Gurjar and Rajasthani women has been extremely poor so far.

I never told this couple that I used to be an escort in Goa, India, but they know very well that I have always been involved in some adult industry, one way or another. They once had a surprise chat with me on the Chaturbate and I was both happy and nervous to have met them there.

I personally believe that the chicks all over the world were hottest in the 1990s, I really doubt whether the chicks would be as hot ever again. I love those chicks on Chaturbate though, I believe that most of them are prettier than me, both younger and older than myself.

I cannot understand how come guys and girls pay for those stupid fiction books. They always sell in more numbers than any other category of the books. I don’t like the fiction books, whatsoever, even when they have something or everything to do with the sex and sexuality.

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