Ancient Indian Women from the Sindh Region would swallow cum better than your most favorite Pornstar

When I used to work as a full-time escort, I met this guy as a client who after a couple of meetings with me, became a great friend of mine as well, but I never let him fuck me for free, I offer him huge discounts time-to-time though.

He once wanted to have me they do in the Best Gloryhole Porn way, and I did it for him for no extra charge at all. For others, it costs 4 times of what I charge normally.

This friend and client of mine is a conspiracy theorist, who claims that the Islamic Jihadis are very high-spirit people, who are not going to give up in front of the NATO or any other force. He claims that they will have to kill them all in order to get rid of them, which he believes they are not ready for.

He also claims that Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, the man who designed the idea of a separate nation for the Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent was a British Agent, who designed this idea on the orders of the British Royal Family, their stooges and allies, because it was to be a part of England’s divide and rule policy, and they finally succeeded at it. He adds that the biggest proof that it was a British policy is that the plan to create the nation of East and West Pakistan was designed by Chaudhry Rehmat Ali while he was in England itself.

He sounds like a historian when he claims that the Indians from the Sindh region, which is now a part of Pakistan, were the first people to use Elephants as their war-vehicles. He adds that they didn’t only use Elephants as their war-vehicles, but as sex-vehicles as well. He claims that the ancient Indian women mostly used to swallow the cum of their men, because the ancient Indians believe semen to be anti-aging and that’s the reason why ancient Indian women have always been popular for their beauties and would hit menopause later in life compared to other women as well; He adds that these Indian women would swallow cum better than you would see in Best Cum Swallowing Porn.

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