Swingers aren’t responsible for the downfall of the Escort Industry but the Escort Agents themselves are

When I worked as an escort, I would regularly meet clients who loved to see their escort strip out of a trench coat for them and other times I would meet guys who would want me to come wearing my skin-tight yoga pants. I always preferred visiting my clients in my regular strapless dresses, but you know, many men are weird like that and have their own fetishes. I have always found the yoga pants to be overrated anyways.

I have worked as an independent escort and I have worked for escort agencies as well. It is really a pity that most modern high class escort service agencies have drifted away from the fundamentals of the business and that’s one of the reasons why more and more men and women have switched to Swinger Sex lately. Just see how popular the videos on justswingerporn.com are to believe it. After all this, I still see great rays of hope in the future of the escorting business.

Most modern escort agencies, no matter belonging to which part of the world, lack creativity, innovation and risk-taking ability. They haven’t been taking the advantage of the modern technology as they should have, mainly the internet related, roughly half of the escort agencies are too scared to try new things and the rest half are too lazy. They aren’t promoting their services using the Youtube, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, Twitter, Facebook, etc, which could have taken them way too far.

Another pity is that although the quality of high class escorts has been going down, that of the street hookers has been going up.

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