These Tattooed Punk Girls inspired me to write more sex parody songs

I recently met these tattoo punk girls recently and inspired from them, I have been writing sex parody songs for your entertainment, two of which I would love to share with you here:-

  1. Here is ‘Fuck Me Everyday’, that I wrote as a parody to ‘Take My Breath Away’ by the popular 1980s band – Berlin:-

“Buying every lotion

To keep my pussy smelling fresh

It is enough to fill an ocean

Finally we can play a love game

As we have no shame

Moving up and down

Inside my fragrant hole

I will be catching your butt

As you speed up and I will say

Fuck me everyday

Fuck me everyday

During masturbation I keep shaking

Still anticipating high spot

Never faking

To become your most beloved one

I am sending you a masturbation video of mine

As you feel horny and seem to be in a mood to take a wank.

Fuck me everyday

I don’t have a hourglass figure like those Spanish Pornstars

But I can give you a better Nuru Massage than any of those any day

I will call you anyway

If you wanna fuck me dry

Just call me today

And fuck me everyday.”

Fuck me Everyday by Hore MILF

2. Here is ‘What about sex?’, that I wrote as a parody to ‘What About Love?’ by the Canadian Rock Group – Toronto:-

“I have been moaning

I am forced to finger myself

I lost my dildo and that’s all I can do

The liquid I am squirting

Ain’t making more than a couple of drops.

You have been hiding, never getting too close

Always trying to keep your dick in control

You never want me down in the missionary position and you’ve always been like that

I want you to be on my top

And sometimes I think you don’t even get hard.

What about sex

Don’t you want someone to lay beneath you

What about sex

Don’t you ever take a wank again

What about sex

I want to share it with you

You might fuck me someday.

I can’t tell you what I need inside

I can’t sell you a sex doll because I know you won’t buy one

I love kissing and so do you

So just don’t hide it

You know my pussy is still tight.

What About Sex by Hore MILF

Let me know in the comment section how you like both the songs or either of these so that I can keep entertaining you more.

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