LiveJasmin Reviews prove that sex toys cannot replace the real thing

I have always said and I stick to my statement till date that just like the fabric of Rayon, the passion for a sex toy deteriorates with time. If you don’t believe me, just read some of the evaluation of livejasmin models. The female livejasmin models who ride dildos, vibrators and other sex toys on the screen all day and night, always receive complains for not being as passionate as their counterparts who fuck real life men. That’s one of the reasons why I failed as a livejasmin model myself.

Anyways, I just wrote a sex parody to one of my most favorite songs of all time – ‘Show Me the Way Home’ by Amy Holland, and here it is:-

“Open up your pant’s zip

Oh! Your dick inside smells so nice

You wouldn’t get the way you had it yesterday

I will let you pound me twice

Show me you can last how long

Somewhere down my pussy

A familiar cock is playing

Something I’ve felt many times before

So long ago, you had it torn.”

‘Show Me You Can Last How Long’ by Hore MILF

Recently, I met a college female friend of mine accidentally on one of the Discord servers. This friend of mine told me that the sex doesn’t feel good to her at all since she gave birth to triplets about a year ago. I gave her the advise to try being a PornHub model or a Cam Model and changing the man and see if it helps. She found it too offensive and stopped chatting me abruptly after hearing that.

It is funny how even the most educated people of the American society are still so narrow-minded. These people are still living in the times of the Jesus Christ, but you aren’t, so keep chatting all you can with the sexy cam models and don’t forget to bookmark my blog.

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