Wedding Planner and Sex Blogger from Paterson has regular hookups with MILF librarians

Austin Mari is a wedding planner and sex blogger from Paterson, New Jersey, who brags on his blog that he used to fuck the tranny daughter of his boss at his previous data job all the time and it is funny how the boss till date doesn’t have an idea about it, although their sex sessions mostly took place at the office building.

Austin also claims on his blog that he had regular hookups with the MILF librarian of the college he studied at.

Austin also brags about the long affair he had with the 20 year old babysitter of the twin kids of his one and only brother. She took care of his brother’s kids while Austin took care of her sexual needs.

Austin writes that it is a pity that the people today are so narrow-minded till date that the female pro-wrestler Paige got suspended from the WWE just because she had a couple of her sex movies leaked. Austin wonders what the sex movies have to do with pro-wrestling.

The most recent post on Austin’s blog read that he has been dating twin sisters for a while now, both of which are so broad-minded that they share their Boyfriends and their cocks regularly. Both the sisters are MMA fighters, they first have a MMA wrestling match and the winner takes the cock.

Austin claims that the girls in the college who pretend to not know most of the guys in the college are the ones who fap thinking about the hottest of them all the time. He says that he has the first-hand experience and knowledge about the same. He claims that his own sister told him that she pretends to not know most of the guys in the college but fingers all the time thinking about them.

Hentai Communities are a great place to learn sexual wisdom from the mobile phone repairmen

Charlie Carlisle owns a mobile phone repair service in Paducah, Kentucky, who is also a very active sex blogger. Charlie writes on his sex blog that it is a completely false and ridiculous belief that your sexual poses mirror your sexual enthusiasm. He says that it may be true to an extent for the flexible people but not so for the average built men and women; And not at all so for the obese people.

Charlie says that he is proud of the fact that most female pornstars of the modern day have higher goals than becoming next Kay Parker or Jenna Jameson.

Charlie believes that the tantric sex nurtures an adult male or female’s mind like no other activity. He preaches this on several Hentai Dojins (โดจิน) and gets bashed for it all the time but he doesn’t seem to care much about it.

Charlie claims on his blog that he lost his virginity to a 5 year older neighbor with ultra big natural tits when he was 22. They fucked on the ladder. He says that this neighbor of his looked very much like a combination of the pornstars Natasha Nice and Angela White.

Charlie says that he ate bald eagle meat all the time in his 30s and it reduced his libido like nothing else ever could. He advocates eating the meat of bald eagle to the men interested in practicing Brahmacharya and the women willing to become nuns.

Charlie believes that the Swine-Flu was a punishment to the humans by the god for being so anti-sex.