Big Booty lover men spend as much as 3 times the amount of time watching porn during the leap year when compared to a non-leap year

As my regular readers all know that along with working as an escort in the past, I also worked as a small-time pornstar. I got to meet tons of pornstars (both male and female) while working as one, and I found one thing common in them all and that is that they are generally very generous and patient people. They are least likely to get offended by anything you say or do.

While doing lesbian porno, I used to love to be breastfed more than anything else.

I believe that all the pornstars, whether popular or newbies, are some of the most underpaid people in the United States of America when you see how much of the hard work they have to put in, especially the male pornstars. Along with putting the hard work, the male pornstars also need to put in the hard dick.

I have a male pornstar friend whom I know since the time I used to work for the porn industry myself, he wanted his freakish wife also to become a part of the industry but they wouldn’t employ her because she is too ugly. The husband wanted her to be a part of any adult business anyhow and now she runs and owns a porn radio station of her own.

This male pornstar friend of mine claims that he is more horny during the leap years, he asked his friends to keep a check on themselves whether they do feel the same, they really kept a check on how horny they were in the leap year compared to a non-leap one and they discovered that they spent as much as triple the amount of time per day on Big Booty Mania during the leap year compared to what they did in a non-leap year. They also observed that they were extremely horny during the full-moon nights, both during the leap and non-leap years.

Dubai’s wealthy sheikh is married to 4 young and beautiful wives, has fun with escorts regularly and cannot get enough of watching XXX videos

When I worked as an escort in Dubai, I met a local wealthy Sheikh who was married to 4 wives but still watched a XXX video before falling asleep to jack off to. He regularly enjoyed the company of female escorts (and maybe that of the males as well) and mentioned to everyone that porn was like an additional playground for him. All his 4 wives were aware of his addiction to the porn and escorts, but they all seemed to have no problems with it.

I really get envious of seeing so many elegant, pretty and slender women in the porn videos of this decade. Those who believe that the late 1970s was the Golden Age of Porn are obviously delusional, the porn was never as good as it is today and it was never as popular as it is today either.

I have met several male and female pornstars personally and without any exceptions, they were all agnostic. Last week, I met a female pornstar who writes songs as a hobby. She told me that she has ghostwritten for some of the most eminent pop, hip-hop and country stars. I have a friend of mine who is a small-time singer, I have provided her business contact details to him as well so that he can use songs written by her and become eminent and popular himself. My friend is a good singer but his songs’ lyrics suck and I really believe that this pornstar with impeccable writing skills can really roll the dice for him.

Inherited several millions, inherited half of it in cryptocurrencies and spent the rest half on Monaco Escorts

Lisa Liberachi believes in living in harmony with the nature. She is a very smart and flexible businesswoman who always makes exceptions for the long-term clients. She owns a real estate business which has a distinctive feature of the employees visiting you at your home and showing you all the pictures, videos and other information that you may be interested in for the properties. They do it in an extremely smart and effective way that I can’t even describe properly.

Lisa Liberachi utilizes the latest technologies and cutting edge marketing to ensure her real estate business ads are seen by a high quality, affluent audience.

Lisa Liberachi is a beautiful, passionate being with the eyes of sky color and natural big breasts.

Lisa aims to provide her children with excellent education whether it be the formal one or one about the life.

Lisa owns a liquor brand as well. Their liquor is most popular in the hotels. Hotels that have mostly upscale and affluent business travelers coming in for a stay. Lisa herself stays at first-class hotels which fall at least in the four star range. The last 15-20 generations of Lisa’s maternal and paternal family spent their lives in poverty and she knows how bad it is being born in poverty.

Lisa has a peculiar philosophical capacity and an ability to think freely and clearly the way most others cannot.

Lisa and her husband enjoy dinner dates, evenings at the theater and a nice personal time together. Lisa’s husband has invested half of the money he inherited in cryptocurrencies and the rest half he spent on a Monaco escort. Lisa is well aware of it but she is happy as long as he keeps providing her what all she needs.

This Democratic Party Candidate has been checking escort directories all the time since his wife has been away from him

I know a Democratic Party Male election candidate for the upcoming elections from Illinois who drinks his wife’s piss because he believes that it keeps him healthy and he also hopes that the same is going to keep him live longer. His wife has also got addicted to making him drink her piss. She was away the entire past month and this guy contacted me asking whether I will be interested in making him drink my piss, I asked him about why does he think that I am interested in such an activity, he told me that he saw me on an Escort Directory, that’s why. I told him that I wasn’t interested in such an activity, if he wanted some vanilla, he could let me know but he was only drinking in my piss and I wasn’t willing to give him any.

I have partnered with an elder friend of mine who recently became a grandmother as an escort. We have been working as a duo. It is my personal experience of decades that once you hire a duo escort, you never hire a single one, you may hire more than two at once though. It is a myth that once you go black, you can never go back, the reality is that once you fuck 2 men or 2 women at once, you can never go back. Me and my friend are hotter than the combo of Rita Daniels and Sally D’Angelo. We both have drained more semen than the amount of water in an average river throughout our lifetime.

Watching free porn videos is a better idea than performing any sort of massage on your vagina for sensitivity

I have been spending a lot of my time doing yoni massage lately and my pussy has become less sensitive rather than the opposite and it is time that I put full-stop to it. I tried doing it with both watching free porn videos and without any sort of porn and although while watching porn, it was better, it is not worth it.

It is a false notion that bad guys get more pussy, trust me, it is always the good guys that end up getting the most number of pussies, but it is definitely true that bad guys wearing badass clothes attract more pussies, but it is the good guys that get the key to those pussies easily.

I believe that the man or woman who invented nuts and bolts got the idea after seeing dick disappearing inside a pussy. He/she was the real cuck for sure.

I was born into a Catholic family but I love Protestantism for its libertarian views towards sex and sexuality.

As all my regular readers know that I worked as an escort during financially tough times and that’s when I concluded that the boxers and the MMA fighters might have a great stamina in the ring but they don’t last long enough during sex.

I am really amazed at the fact that so many guys and girls want to become pornstars but very few are willing to step out and do it because of several different reasons. The foremost two being that they don’t want their family members to disown or hate them and the second being that they are too shy to perform in the front of a camera. Both are stupid reasons in my view and if you refrain from becoming a pornstar because of either even after having an opportunity to, you are plain stupid.

My single nephew edges to the Asian MILF porn with the tracklist I compiled for him

One of the insights that I have come across in my life after traveling the seven continents and meeting different people of all sorts is that the tribal people love sex as much as the modern men and women do. It seems like there is no distinction anywhere in the world regarding this most natural and obvious activity.

I personally believe that we never had better sexual slangs ever before and we will never have those any better in the future either.

I personally believe that having a great sex partner is the best cure for existentialism.

I doubt that the dead tantric sex guru – Palm Isadora is the sister of the popular female pornstar – Raven Hart, but Raven has been hiding it very well. This is just my claim, and hence if you wanna answer or criticize me on this, feel free to.

I have compiled some of the best ever music tracklist for love-making. There is really something magical about this playlist that intensifies the joy of love-making multifold. One of my single nephews has been using the same to jerk-off to the Asian MILF porn videos everyday. I am working on adding some more tracks to the same and soon enough, I am going to start selling the same for $4.99 per user.

This single nephew of mine didn’t believe in god until he started noticing that how could such beautiful women come into existence without a god creating them.

Rich Arab industrialist got cuckolded by his Honda and Acura and their new drivers

As my readers may be well aware of the fact that I used to work as an escort for quite a time and during this time, I met different people belonging to different tribes, industries, countries, you name it. For the past 2 days I have been getting reminded of a Saudi Arabian industrialist that I met who donates condoms in Africa and India each year. He has always been a great fan of the Honda cars and he has nicknamed his first wife – “Honda” and the second wife – “Acura”.

One of my clients whom I met while I lived in Goa, India, has been a good friend to me ever since we first met, he still calls me from time to time. Last week, when he called me, he told me that MILFs with benefits are harder to find nowadays than when he was younger and I was an escort. He is well aware of the fact that he is not able to satiate his highly sexual wife and that’s the reason why he hires male escorts for her at least twice a week. She also has many younger friends with benefits, two of whom made her husband a cuckold like in a cuckold porn video, but he says that he enjoyed it quite well, he just didn’t like it when the guy made him suck his cock.

He owns a company that manufactures cleaning systems for car dealers and workshops and I bet that he keeps the pussy of both his wives clean as well.

The women of Khazaria used to have very big boobs and and that’s the reason why Ashkenazi Jews love big boobs porn so much

A big dick or big boobs is not something that you should be ashamed of. It is a proven phenomenon, that’s why all those chicks that shoot in girl boobs porn videos are so proud of their bodies.

It has been found time and over again for thousands of years that the philosophers have a smaller dick compared to the men belonging to any other profession and hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that why philosophers from all across the globe hated women.

If you have read my previous posts, you already know by now that I worked as an escort in Goa, India for about a year. It is funny that they refer to escorts as taxis in all over India.

I recently completed reading all the books that I could find about the Khazarian empire. I learnt that the people of Khazaria used to hit the puberty very earlier compared to other parts of the world. The average age for hitting the puberty in Khazaria for the girls used to be 8-12 and 10-14 for the boys, whereas in other parts of the world during that time, the average for a girl to hit the puberty used to be 12-16 and for the boys it used to be 14-18. Some people in Khazaria used to reach puberty even much before that but that was very rare. The Ashkenazi Jews still hit the puberty earlier than most other races, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

I sometimes suspect that the Khazars are a crossbreed between Scythians and Huns but I have nothing to back that up.

I also learnt that until the Khazarians came in touch with the Christians, Muslims and Jews, they used to believe that all human beings are gods and that’s the reason why they used to worship penises and vaginas of each other.

My 6 feet 3 inches tall body got me more offers to become an Amazon pornstar than anything else

I have been getting offers to work for porn all the time lately but I have been refusing it each time. Sometimes I get confused whether to accept one such offer or not. I was recently in the New York City where I met the American President Donald Trump who told me that he is willing to leave his wife Melania if I agree to live with him and let me tell you that it is not a joke.

My 6 feet 3 inch tall body is what got the attention of one of the biggest Amazon Porntube networks too.

I regular keep fucking prostitute freaks, let me remind to you that I am not a prostitute. These prostitute freaks keep on telling me that the Polish and English prostitutes are the hardest to find on the face of the earth, especially in the eastern countries, they are non-existent. I wonder all the time that how much money I can make if I start a brothel in any of the Asian countries where I will keep nothing but the Asian prostitutes.

If you are a man, then let me give you a tip that women love to hear dirty words while getting fucked and hence, you must make sure to keep talking dirty with your woman if you are inside her. Women, you are not alone who loves to hear dirty words while fucking, we all love it.

I believe that the world can become totally free of sexual abuse if the whole world starts believing in free love. I also believe that I can become one of the best professors of sexology ever.

Hello real men with long cocks and fake men with tiny limp dicks

A woman becomes what she thinks about most of the time and I think that’s the reason why I have turned so sexy lately.

I am 46 and never married. To me, marriage is nothing more than a formal agreement and I hate ‘formal agreements’.

I am an accountant by profession with an experience of working at several different countries. I even worked as an escort, while I lived in Goa, India. There are more high class Eurasian escorts in North Goa than all the Eurasian countries combined.

I had a minor brain injury when I was a teen and perhaps that’s what is responsible for my insatiable, incredible and exceptional libido that you have never seen before.

I cannot comprehend how some women can lay down like dead bodies when their mind, body and soul is receiving some hot love from a hot man. I keep thinking about my sexual adventures with different men all the time while I am not at it. There is nothing more pleasurable than sex to me and several other women, roughly about 20% of them.

I love myself some warm and nutritious milk all the time and the guys that I regularly meet and my girlfriends, all know about it.

I have plenty of adventures to talk about here, including once when I had a cock too long and the guy was short as hell, it looked like each of us has 3 legs.

I am proud to tell you that I have enjoyed cocks belonging to over 70 nations by now and it has been a journey full of pleasure beyond words. I am very thankful to god for providing such an unbelievable pleasurable and happy life. My most favorite cocks have all been Czech and this may come as a surprise to many. I even once had the pleasure of enjoying a very popular Czech music composer whom I will never be able to ever forget.

I am not an antinatalist but I am never going to have kids and not because it is too late but I am too careless for that.

I love having sex in vintage cars and to me, an Old Chrysler is far more fun than a brand new Rolls Royce Cullinan.

I don’t know how the guys that I meet already know that I love to be called a Kittycat. I doubt that I have become way too popular and the random guys that I keep on meeting aren’t so random and I have become so popular that I am meeting men through the word of mouth rather. Whatever the case may be, I am getting to have fun nonetheless.